Spring ‘21 Release Notes

Release Details 

Release name:AppOps Spring ‘21
Version name:Major Release
Release date:April 6, 2021
Prodly AppOps managed package version:1.197
Prodly AppOps managed package update:Yes
Prodly AppOps cloud-based service update:Yes


The Prodly AppOps Spring ‘21 release consists of upgrades to the Prodly AppOps Salesforce managed package and the Prodly AppOps cloud-based service.

How To Upgrade   > 
Because of the way Salesforce handles upgrades, you need to manually perform the configuration steps to ensure the software functions properly and to bring your user interface current. Completing the steps should not require more than 10 minutes of your time.

AppOps Release   > 
Release low-code apps faster, more reliably, and more frequently. AppOps Release automates org-to-org configuration data deployment, as well as provides the ability to manage, track, and deploy reference data changes to Salesforce orgs using your version control system (VCS).

AppOps Test   > 
Automate regression testing of complex Salesforce workflows, like Salesforce CPQ, as well as uncover issues you unintentionally introduce during development work.

AppOps DX Plugin   > 
Integrate low-code application change management into established release cycles to quickly seed scratch orgs with data for testing, promote app changes from scratch org to sandbox, and add AppOps deployments to Salesforce developer hub processes.

Prodly AppOps Platform   > 
Review platform changes not directly related to any specific product.