Lightning Components

Some functionality is also available as Salesforce Lightning components in the Prodly managed package.

In Lightning Experience, to add the components to your home page:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Edit Page.
  2. From the Custom – Managed list of Lightning components, drag and drop a component onto the page.
  3. Click Save.

These Salesforce Lightning components are available:

  • Admin – Displays the Admin tab.
  • Release – Displays the Release tab.
  • Test – Displays the  Test tab.
  • Data Sets Home – Displays the Data Sets (Root Elements) list view.
  • Deploy Data Set – Deploys a data set to up to five destination orgs.
  • Import Data Set – Imports a data set from a downloaded deployment template file.
  • Import Deployment Plan – Imports a deployment plan and its data sets from a downloaded deployment template file.