Version Control

What is version control? 

Version control (also known as revision control or source control) is a data management methodology. A version control system (VCS) tracks and manages the changes you make to your data. For complex, low-code Salesforce apps, such as Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Field Service, tracking the changes to your reference data as you move the data from developer sandbox to QA to UAT to production is critical. Especially in an agile development world, where your changes are occurring fluidly, dynamically, and rapidly, version control is an essential component of reference data management and is increasingly becoming a necessary element of the release management process.

Version control has been a staple of software development and documentation environments for decades. You check a file out of the VCS, update it, and check it back in. Declarative, low-code apps replace the need for coding with reference data, so implementing a VCS in a low-code app environment is a natural way for teams using declarative, low-code applications to enhance business agility.