Enhancements and Fixes

This table lists new features and notable bug fixes in the January 26, 2021 minor release of Prodly AppOps Winter ‘21. The table is sorted initially by most-recent to oldest tracking number. Click any heading to sort the table by that column.

Use a more obvious name for the data masking property.We’ve changed the Scramble Value field label to Set Random Value.FeatureReleaseAP-2984
Data set deletion warning message is confusing.When selecting the deployment object for the root element, we no longer display the deletion warning message.FixReleaseAP-2971
Remove event control warning message.Initial issues encountered using early versions of AppOps Release event control have long been resolved. Thus, the warning message about reactivating events after deployment is no longer needed.FixReleaseAP-2982
Use local schema for event control when no specific schema selected.Rather than requiring you to specifically select source and destination schema to use event control, AppOps Release now defaults to using the local schema even when you are using event control.FeatureReleaseAP-2881
Select root deployment object by default in Event Control dialog box.When the Event Control dialog box opens, AppOps Release now preselects the root deployment object for you.FeatureReleaseAP-2880
Data set editor UI improvements to the Element Details tab.Based on usability feedback, we’ve updated several items on the Element Details tab, including renaming Upsert Method to Record Matching Method, and adding direct links to the schema settings and event control setup.​FeatureReleaseAP-2606