Manage an Environment with Version Control

If you have Version Control set up in your Control Org, when adding a new Environment you will have the option to enable Version Control in the Environment you are adding. This will create a new branch off of the main branch and deploy all Versioned data from the new branch to the Environment. Additionally, the Versioned data will be checked in to the new branch from the new Environment.

To enable Version Control in a new Environment while adding the Environment follow these steps:

  • Have Version Control set up in your Control Org and Versioned data selected
  • Visit Environments within the AppOps Release Tab
  • Select ‘Add Environment
  • Enter a Name for the Environment
  • Specify the Type of Environment
  • Enable the Version Control toggle
  • Provide a name for your new branch
  • Select ‘Add‘ on the Environment Card
  • Once Environment has been added visit Version Control section on Environment card and select ‘Use in Version Control

During this initial check in and check out Prodly does not perform deletions.

This will not change even if users have the allow deletions toggle enabled in their settings.