View Deployment Activity


The Deployment Activity and Simulation Activity pages provide a behind-the-scenes look at the processing steps as they happen and afterward.

To access the page, click any deployment record on the Deployment History page, this will open the Deployment Results page for that deployment and the Deployment Activity box will appear below the record results.

The Activity displays pertinent information for each activity Release performs:

  • Deployment activity entries – Displays a category, activity title, timestamp, and specific message for each activity. The most recent entries appear at the top. Activities fall into these categories:
    • CategoryScopeIconRequest HandlerWeb and worker tier, deployment validation.
    • Governor LimitsProcess governor limits.
    • SetupSchema initialization, schema processing, Price Book processing.
    • Relationship TraversalTraverse a relationship by querying related records.
    • QueryQuery related records from the source org.
    • CreationInsert, update, or upsert records into the destination org.
    • Deployment Plan ProcessingDeployment plan deployment processing logic.
    • Events ProcessingActivate and deactivate events.
    • InvocationsEndpoint invocations.
    • Final ProcessingProcess circular and self-reference records at the end
      of the deployment, deploy last field values.

Filter the Activities List 

To filter the activity list to display only certain activities:

  1. From the Deployment/Simulation Activity details section, in the search box, enter a string to limit display to only the activity whose category, subject, error key, or error code contains the string.

Refresh the Activities List 

The activities do not automatically refresh while execution is in progress.

To reload the page with the latest activity:

  1. From the Deployment/Simulation Activity details section, click the Refresh icon.