A Tour of the Release Tab

Add Environments

Create cards on the Environments page to organize, track, and control all the environments you deploy data to and/or from. Simply select ‘Add Environment +’ and you will be prompted to add new environments with a Nickname, Environment Type, and even advanced options for Custom Domain and setting up JWT.


Source & Destination: This is the area where you will select your Source org and your Destination org.  You can select up to 5 destinations in this area in the drop down menu directly.

Metadata: In this area you can load, test, and select Metadata that you want to be included additionally in your Deployment Plan or Data Set. You can also only deploy Metadata if you would like.

Data: If you have already selected ‘Deploy’ in either a Data Set or Deployment Plan what you would like to deploy will already be selected.  You can also select ‘Data Set’ or ‘Deployment Plan’, to change this information or select data if blank.

Confirmation: This will include a summary of the data you are deploying along with an option to name your deployment to make it easier to find the exact deployment later on or name tests you may be running between your environments.

Temporarily Deactivate Events: Before selecting ‘Deploy’ when you are finished setting up all your data you also have the option to deactivate events while the data is deploying. This feature turns off the events while your deployment is running then reactivates them when it is complete.

Sandbox Seeding

Seed a new Sandbox with ease, you can simply select your source and your new or refreshed sandboxes with the Deployment plan of your choice. This is a fast and effective way to streamline seeding your sandboxes with ease.

Deployment History

After you’ve submitted your deployment you can come here to check the status of your deployment, along with the optional Name and real-time status update. The results also link you to a summary of the Deployment details.


Version Control: Prodly’s Version control is a data management methodology. Version control system (VCS) tracks and manages the changes you make to your data and is a declarative low-code app that replaces the need for coding with reference data and enhances business agility. If interested in Version Control please reach out to your account manager to set up.

Deployment Settings: This feature allows you to choose what Deployment Results you want to save, this is extremely helpful when trying to keep data space in your Environment. You can select whether you want to save all of your deployment results, save only failed results, or to save no results at all.