Minor Release 9 – May 4, 2021

Release Details 

Release name:AppOps Spring ‘21
Version name:Minor Release 9
Release date:May 4, 2021
Prodly AppOps managed package version:1.198
Prodly AppOps managed package update:Yes
Prodly AppOps cloud-based service update:Yes
WarningBe sure to perform these required manual configuration steps, if your org received a push upgrade of the Prodly AppOps managed package.

New Features 

Management Board 

The management board now provides the ability to unmanage an org. Refer to Unmanaging an Org for details.

Guided Deployment 

To match the functionality of the legacy deployment center, you can now deploy to up to five destination orgs at once via guided deployment.

Azure Cloud Integration 

AppOps Release now supports integration with Microsoft Azure Cloud. So you can now integrate AppOps Release with the GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket, and Microsoft Azure version control system (VCS) frameworks.

View Encrypted Data 

We’ve eliminated the need to set the View Encrypted Data system permission flag.

Usability Improvements 

We’ve done many little user interface tweaks to the management board and elsewhere for better usability.

Resolved Issues 

This table lists resolved issues in the May 4, 2021 minor release of Prodly AppOps Release.

AP-4429Batch result from Salesforce returns null.
For pending records, the batch result was erroneously null.
AP-4425Updates to custom fields are not recognized in metadata compare.
After creating and deploying a new custom metadata field, changing the field then comparing the metadata a second time was not recognizing the changed field.
AP-4424Managed orgs shown for wrong account.
When two browser tabs were open, each logged into a different Prodly AppOps managed package installation, the guided deployment source and destination connection selections for both installations were being listed.
AP-4408Reduce management board load on the system.
When deployments are not running, we’ve lessened the frequency the management board polls for updates to reduce the overall load on the system.
AP-4406Tabs don’t work in Safari.
Privacy settings for the Safari web browser prevent the AppOps Release and AppOps Test tabs from displaying. Refer to Configuring the Safari Browser for details.
AP-4397“Initialization in progress…” spinner spins forever with no error message.
Occasionally when managing an org, the initialization steps were getting stuck in a queued state and never executing.
AP-4395Deployment plan failed with 414 error.
An issue with some relationship queries was causing deployment to fail.
AP-4394Null pointer exception during deployment.
Under certain circumstances, deployment was failing when the deployment request contained access tokens.
AP-4370Add more logging for metadata compare and deploy.
We’ve added more internal logging to help customer support help you resolve your issues faster.
AP-4369Add error handling to metadata.
As you can see below, we’ve added a lot of error checking as part of this minor release.
AP-4073Null pointer error during deployment.
An unexpected null pointer was causing the whole deployment to fail. We’ve changed it to just fail the record instead of the whole deployment.
AP-3800Unexpected 502 error.
We’ve added a proxy timeout check to catch some 502 errors before they happen.
AP-3799Unexpected 502 and 503 errors.
We’ve reduced the batch size of some of our processing functions to help minimize these errors.
AP-3715Cannot manage org.
After first deploying from the deployment center, subsequent attempts to manage the destination org were failing.
AP-3540Improve the “500 – internal server error” message.
This error can occur for several reasons, so we now provide a better description of each possible error.
AP-3532Card name has disappeared.
On the management board, cards with inactive connections were displaying without a name.
AP-3489Manual refresh required to see new managed org.
Under certain circumstances, initialization of a new managed org was successful, but the card failed to appear on the board.
AP-3488Unexpected “no VCS authentication token” error.
We’ve resolved an issue that was losing track of the connection to the VCS.
AP-3469VCS setup wizard redirects to wrong AppOps Release page after Bitbucket authentication.
For Bitbucket only, after the authentication step, the VCS setup wizard was not correctly advancing to the next step.
AP-3467Clear out managed objects list when disconnecting repo.
When disconnecting from the VCS and then reconnecting, all previously-managed objects were being included, not just the ones selected in setup.
AP-3462New Managed Org fails without explanation when object missing from destination.
When an object (for example Consumption Schedule) was missing from the org’s schema, new managed org was silently failing when attempting to deploy the branch data to the org.
AP-3451Deployment History filter resets itself after a couple of seconds.
An automatic screen refresh was ignoring the column filters.
AP-3445Connection name has disappeared from control org card.
The control org card name was coming up blank due to the way we were retrieving information differently for the control org.
AP-3430Deployment history page loads twice.
When a deployment is launched from guided deployment, the deployment history page no longer loads then reloads.
AP-3423Make “Could not manage org” error message more informative.
We’ve updated the message to “Cannot manage the selected org because it is already managed by another account.”
AP-3236Several minor UI fixes.
We’ve done some minor fixes and text phrasing adjustments here and there to align with the shift to “org-centric”.