Add an Environment

You need to identify each environment you intend to deploy data to and/or from, and grant Prodly Release access to the environments.

  1. On the Environments page, click Add Environment.
  2. In the Nickname box, enter a name for the environment card.
  3. Select a Label (optional) or create a new label.
  4. In the Salesforce Environment Type list, select the type of environment.
  5. Click Add.
  6. On the Salesforce login page that appears, enter your Salesforce login credentials.
  7. Click Allow.
  8. Optionally, you can select Adavanced Options by clicking Show advanced options.

Advanced Environment Options

Use Custom Domain

If needed you can toggle Use Custom Domain on to enter a custom Salesforce My Domain URL, i.e.

Set up JWT

Using the JWT OAuth flow solves the issue of having to reauthenticate environments after a sandbox refresh and/or when using Salesforce DX, but you cannot environments using JWT to set schema settings.

To authenticate using the JSON web token (JWT) OAuth flow:

  1. First install the Prodly Deployment connected app.
  2. When adding a new environment, click the Show advanced options link.
  3. Toggle the Set up JWT button on.