Edit a Deployment Plan

Deployment plans consists of deployment plan steps, which in turn consist of deployment plan items, giving you maximum flexibility and fine-grained control of your deployments. You edit each plan, plan step, and plan item separately.

To edit a deployment plan:

  1. From the Deployment Plans page, click a Deployment Plan Name.
  2. Make any adjustments to the deployment plan record:
    1. In the deployment plan details section, use the pencil icons to make your adjustments to Deployment Plan NameDescription, and/or Folder.
  3. Make any adjustments to your deployment plan steps.
    • Add any new steps. 
    • Edit any existing steps. 
    1. Delete any unneeded steps. 
  4. Make any adjustments to your deployment plan items.
    • Add any new items. 
    • Edit any existing items. 
    1. Delete any unneeded items. 

Edit a Deployment Plan Step

To edit a deployment plan step:

  1. From the deployment plan details page, in the Deployment Plan Steps section, at the right end of the row containing the step you desire to edit, click the dropdown arrow and select Edit.
  2. Make any adjustments to the Deployment Plan Step Name and Description.
  3. Optionally, alter the step’s position in the deployment sequence. 
  4. Optionally, instruct Release when to halt deployment. 
  5. Click Save.