Data Set Editor


The data set editor allow you to create, view, and edit data sets and their data set elements. The right side of the data set editor header provides actions that pertain to the whole data set, while actions in the page body pertain to each individual data set element unless otherwise noted.

To access the data set editor, from the Data Sets Home page, click any data set name, data set element name, or New.

The data set editor displays pertinent information for the data set:

  • Breadcrumb navigation – Text in the upper left of the header shows the shortest path through the data set element chain from the root deployment object to the current deployment object.

To move between data set elements in the chain, click any individual breadcrumb object name to jump to the data set element for that object. Or traverse the entire data set element chain from the Parent and Child Relationships tabs.

  • Data set name – Large text in the header displays the name of the data set.
  • Data set contents – In the main body of the editor, various data set editor views display all aspects of the data set and its data set elements. All editing of data set elements takes place in Tabs view.