Release Notes | Version 21.0

Release Date | November 14th, 2023


With each release, Prodly strives to improve our product and deliver the results and features our users need to make their work easier and more efficient. Our release notes are available to our users to review our most anticipated feature releases including requests and suggestions provided by our customers and updates on our latest bug fixes. 

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Latest fixes and updates

  • PM-4887 Deployment details will now show the Version Control branch as the destination for the initial commit to branch during VC setup
  • PM-4876 Save to branch with a Data Set or Deployment Plan for GitLab will now appear in the deployment results and checkin should be successful 
  • PM-4875 VCS branch field in Deployment Results will be populated when deploying with VC  
  • PM-4857 Data Masking features will skip null values
  • PM-4848 Validate option for the Query Builder on the Deploy page will no longer appear truncated
  • PM-4837 When selecting batch results in Deployment Results table the page will always scroll to the top of the expanded results table based on the batch selection
  • PM-4770 Navigation enhancements for Settings page
  • PM-4570 Deployment completion time will now be updated correctly for Deployment Plans