Protected and Locked Branches

Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, GitHub Enterprise and Azure users are able to protect and/or lock branches in their repositories. If a branch is locked or protected, Prodly will be able to successfully connect to it to complete Deploy from branch operations. Prodly will not complete a Save to branch operations when the branch is protected or locked.

When setting up Version Control using a locked or protected branch, the initial commit (Save to branch) will fail, however, the connection status will remain connected so users can Deploy from branch. Users will also see an error to indicate that the Save to branch operation has failed due to the branch being protected or locked.

  • GitHub, GitHub Enterprise and GitLab: Users can protect branches by name or by wildcards
  • Bitbucket: Users can protect branches by branch name, branch type or by wildcards
  • Azure: Users can protect and lock specific branches