How to create and reuse the Metadata Bundles

Metadata bundles can be created in the compare tab and used/reused in the deploy tab.

Compare page:

  1. Users will need to perform metadata comparison between two environments from the new compare page.
  2. Once the comparison is done, users will have the option to select metadata components to save for future deployment, instead of the Deploy button, there is a Save Deployment Bundle button, at the bottom of the page.
  3. A record will then be added to the Deployment Bundle Object, and all components will be included in the Deployment Bundle Metadata Components object, which can be found ready for use in the Deploy tab. The compare button is designed to help you compare, create, and save your bundles.

Deploy page:

  • In the Deploy tab, under the Metadata option, users can select “compare metadata’’ or  “Use Deployment Bundle.” This allows the previously created deployment bundle to be selected without any modifications. It can be deployed directly from this page. However, to save it as a deployment bundle, it must first be saved in the compare tab.
  • Should the user select the “compare metadata” option, they will have the ability to compare and deploy metadata, bypassing the need for saving or creating a deployment bundle for future use.