Release Notes | Version 11.21

Release Date | October 6th, 2022


With each release, Prodly strives to improve our product and deliver the results and features our users need to make their work easier and more efficient. Our release notes are available to our users to review our most anticipated feature releases including requests and suggestions provided by our customers and updates on our latest bug fixes.

What we are most excited about

Highlights from our latest release

  • Individual Records Selections on Root Object for Deployment
    • Users can now preview a deployment and select specific records to be deployed
    • Records can be mass selected using a check box 
    • All rows will be preselected
    • The header displays  the current amount of selected records against the total for the currently visible root object.
    • Top level preview shows a count of the selected records.
    • Selection is only available for Data Sets

For our users, from our users

Suggested improvements and feature requests from our users

  • Users will now receive a notification if their Scratch Org creation fails
  • Users will receive a notification if their Deployment fails
    • If a deployment fails on the backend, users will receive an email detailing the error that occurred causing the deployment to fail
    • The notification will include suggestions on how to resolve the issue 

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Latest fixes and updates

  • PM-868 403 Error no longer appearing when validating a query containing Like/And/Or 
  • PM-1447 Now able to reconnect with Oauth to Version Control after altering access token in connection record
  • PM-1448 Version Control connection status in settings and status showing on reconnect pop-up are now consistent
  • PM-1501 Version Control- items named ‘Entity’ in managed objects modal are unavailable for selection
  • PM-1582 Redeploy/ Rerun deployment will now ‘remember’ skip updates/skip inserts override selections from previous deployment
  • PM-1588 Version Control operation buttons on Environment cards are now correctly aligned for smaller screen sizes
  • PM-1596 Repository link in reconnect modal for Version Control has been fixed and is no longer a broken link
  • PM-1597 Bitbucket – Connection state is now correctly updated to ‘Invalid’ after deleting the connection
  • PM-1651 ‘View Setup and Configuration’ system permission no longer required to add a sandbox environment 
  • PM-1658 App version in side menu of AppOps Release tab now corresponds to actual installed App version 
  • PM-1808 Replicate Owner now works when users (Record owners)  are inactive in both source and destination
  • PM-1811 Adding a new environment with JWT and Version Control enabled will now complete checkout 
  • PM-1814 Salesforce Standard Users can now enable Version Control even if custom objects are managed with Version Control
  • PM-1822 Salesforce Standard Users can now view custom objects managed with Version Control
  • PM-1837 Checkout with Deactivate Events enabled is no longer crashing and resulting in a stuck job- it is now working as expected with all events disabled
  • PM-1838 Scratch org card now appearing when scratch org is being created
  • PM-1867 Recent deployments now appearing as expected on environment card
  • PM-1888 Metadata Permission set deployment job is no longer being stopped with ‘ Interrupted’ error when deploying a Permission set with no assignment