Azure Boards Access Scopes

There are required Azure Board access token scopes that must be selected for Version Control for data and work items integration. The required scopes are:

  • Advanced Security
    Detection and alerting on security vulnerabilities in code
  • Agent Pools
    Manage agent pools and agents
  • Analytics
    Read data from the analytics service
  • Auditing
    Read audit log events, manage and delete streams.
  • Build
    Artifacts, definitions, requests, queue a build, and update build properties
  • Code
    Source code, repositories, pull requests, and notifications
  • Connected server
    Access endpoints
  • Deployment Groups
    Manage deployment groups and deployment pools
  • Entitlements
  • Environment
    Read and manage environment
  • Extension Data
    Read and write
  • Extensions
    Read, install, uninstall, and write data
  • Graph
    Read, group, scope, and add
  • Identity
    Identities and groups
  • Marketplace
    Read, publish, update, and manage items and publishers
  • Member Entitlement Management
    Read and manage users
  • Notifications
    Read, write, manage, and publish
  • Packaging
    Create, read, update, and delete feeds and packages
  • Pipeline Resources
    Manage a pipeline run’s access to pipeline resources
  • Project and Team
    Create, read, update, and delete
  • Pull Request Threads
    Read & write to pull request comment threads
  • Release
    Read, update, and delete releases, release pipelines, and stages
  • Secure Files
    Read, create, and manage
  • Security
    Read, write, and manage
  • Service Connections
    Read, query, and manage
  • Symbols
    Read, write, and manage
  • Task Groups
    Read, create, and manage
  • Team Dashboard
    Read and manage
  • Test Management
    Read, create, and update test plans, cases, and results
  • Token Administration
    Read and revoke
  • Tokens
    Read, update, and revoke
  • User Profile
    Write to profile
  • Variable Groups
    Read, create and manage
  • Wiki
    Read, create, and update
  • Work Items
    Work items, queries, backlogs, plans, and metadata

    The detailed descriptions of all scopes can be found in the following link, in accordance with the access provided.