Release Notes | Version 26.0

Release Date | December 21st, 2023


With each release, Prodly strives to improve our product and deliver the results and features our users need to make their work easier and more efficient. Our release notes are available to our users to review our most anticipated feature releases including requests and suggestions provided by our customers and updates on our latest bug fixes. 

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Latest fixes and updates

  • PM-5050 Check-in and Check-out with a Deployment Plan will retain the Deployment Plan link in the results page when in progress
  • PM-5179 Subcomponents column will not appear for components without subcomponents
  • PM-5219 If work management integration is set to required and the connection is disabled, the required setting will also be disabled
  • PM-5220 Deployment Name will populate automatically when switching from a Check-in to an org to org deployment
  • PM-5236 Org Type for Control will not be set to Production when Control is a Sandbox or Scratch org
  • PM-5241 Deployment name will automatically populate when not specified
  • PM-5246 ComparisonCalculationException when loading metadata should now be resolved
  • PM-5248 Metatada check-in from sandbox to a branch linked to a different environment should not throw any exceptions and should complete the check-in
  • PM-5249 Issues loading metadata where metadata gets stuck in infinite loading state should now be resolved
  • PM-5259 Static Resource included in a Metadata Filter will no longer error out
  • PM-5281 Multiple users loading a metadata compare will no longer create multiple snapshots