Minor Release 8 – Apr 19, 2021

Release Details 

Release name:AppOps Spring ‘21
Version name:Minor Release 8
Release date:April 19, 2021
Prodly AppOps managed package version:1.197
Prodly AppOps managed package update:No
Prodly AppOps cloud-based service update:Yes

Resolved Issues 

This table lists resolved issues in the April 19, 2021 minor release of Prodly AppOps Release.

AP-4465Metadata compare is falsely showing some objects as deleted.
The retrieval query was not returning all object names in all cases, resulting in false mismatches when comparing the source and destination metadata.
AP-4440Not all records are deploying.
A fix done in minor release 9 was inadvertently causing only the first 1000 records in a batch to deploy.
AP-3718Expired token is causing failures.
We now make sure the control org access token is valid before attempting deployment. And if the token has expired, we refresh it.
AP-3716Unexpected 401, 502, and 503 errors.
Because many of these errors occur due to timing issues, we are now retrying the failed records a second time before failing the deployment.