Release Notes | Version 12.7

Release Date | April 5th, 2023


With each release, Prodly strives to improve our product and deliver the results and features our users need to make their work easier and more efficient. Our release notes are available to our users to review our most anticipated feature releases including requests and suggestions provided by our customers and updates on our latest bug fixes. 

For our users, from our users

Suggested improvements and feature requests from our users

  • Users can select any branch for their initial commit when setting up Version Control
    • This functionality has been added for GitLab, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket and GitHub.
    • Users are no longer required to make the initial commit to their main branch when setting up Version Control and now can select any branch from the repository.
  • Protected Branch policy
    • Users will receive an error message when trying to save to a protected or locked branch.
    • This includes the initial Version Control setup and when enabling version control in an existing or new environment.
  • Scratch Org Updates
    • The options to ‘Rollback metadata deployment if some metadata fails’ and ‘Prevent data deployment if metadata fails’ will remain unchecked by default. Users can still check these boxes to enable the feature.
    • Tooltip added to advise users that their Control org ID must be added as an org shape in the source org they wish to use for their Scratch Org. 

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Latest fixes and updates

  • PM-1041 First time managed org when source is the same as the destination, preview will show results as updates
  • PM-2131 On third party access confirmation for new installs duplicate url has been removed
  • PM-2653 Links on environment cards are now underlined and change color when hovering over them and selecting them
  • PM-2764  ‘Copy Dev Hub org ID’ button on scratch org card copies control org ID
  • PM-3034  First time establishing control for new instance will now include instance url
  • PM-3069 Setup Version Control will not show Version Control as connected if setup fails
  • PM-3089 If a user trying to authenticate the Control connection does not have the Prodly Admin permission set a screen will appear to advise them to assign this
  • PM-3118 Azure deploy from branch with deactivated events will no longer cause a stopped deployment
  • PM-3183 When no branch selection is made during Version Control setup, by default the main branch will be used and will be selected by default
  • PM-3188 Control connection with invalid tokens will show the authentication screen
  • PM-3189 Reauthenticating the Control connection will change the owner of the connection to the user that re authenticated
  • PM-3191 Control connection with missing tokens will allow authentication and will not error out when establishing control