External ID Limits

The following data types do not support record matching by external ID:

  • Geolocation
  • Text (Encrypted)
  • Text Area
  • Text Area (Long)
  • Text Area (Rich)*

* Deployed image links in rich text area fields do not point from the destination org to the actual image because Salesforce assigns new IDs in the img tag.

Field Property Limits

Geolocation type fields do not support Set Empty, Set Random Value, Fixed Value, Delay on Insert, Deploy Last, or Copy Relationship Value.

Unsupported Metadata Types

  • AnalyticSnapshot
  • Document
  • DocumentFolder
  • FolderShare
  • ViewDefinition
  • WorkflowSend
  • WorkflowTask

Governor Limits 

The main purpose of governor limits is to guard against software and system failures. By enforcing governor limits, Prodly ensures that both the Prodly Salesforce app and the Prodly backend service retain reasonable performance and do not breach sizes and limits for memory, CPU, heap, threads, and time.

CategoryFeatureMaximum Limit
Data TemplatesTemplate size
(including deployment plan step and item records and data sets)
Displayable environments in the Schema Settings picklists300
Selected fields per data set element900
Long or rich text area fields per data set element40
Character length of the Query Filter field950
Deployment plan steps per deployment plan20
Data sets per deployment plan1,000
Data sets per deployment plan step100
DeploymentsRecords per data set element500,000
Total deployment time25 hours
TransformationFields you can transform per data set200
Relationships you can transform per data set50
Picklist values you can transform per data set100
InvocationInvocations per deployment10
Total invocation execution time120 seconds
VersioningSalesforce orgs connected50
Records per object200,000
Fields per object900
Text area fields per object40