AppOps Release – Summer ’21

New Features and Enhancements 

Seed Sandboxes Faster 

Select data to seed sandboxes in a fraction of the time it takes to create a data set. Quickly select a root object, related objects, set a query filter, and choose whether or not to deactivate all events for the duration of the deployment.

Validate Your Metadata 

Ensure your metadata changes pass code coverage. Select a validation tests option, just like for change sets.

Reuse Metadata Deployments 

Quickly redeploy the same deployment after validation or edit and redeploy if you need to make changes.

Support for More Metadata Types 

AppOps Release can now deploy these additional metadata types:

  • Emails
  • Flows
  • Folders
  • Global Value Sets
  • Groups
  • Process Builders
  • Record Types
  • Standard Value Sets

Refer to Deployable Salesforce Metadata Types for the complete list of currently-supported metadata types.

More Control and Flexibility at Deployment Time 

Several improvements to Guided Deployment make initiating deployments easier:

Connect to Version Control Individually Per User 

Each user now connects to the VCS repository individually for tracking, auditability, and admin peace of mind.

Resolved Issues 

This table lists resolved issues in Prodly AppOps Summer ‘21 major and minor releases.

AP-5807Patch Apache Log4j2 vulnerability.
Turns out the recommended patch still had a vulnerability, so we’ve again upgraded our systems to patch the Apache Log4j2 vulnerability patch (CVE-2021-45046).
AP-5753Patch Apache Log4j2 vulnerability.
We’ve upgraded our systems to prevent the recently disclosed Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).
AP-5594“Index 2 out of bounds for length 2” error during deployment.
This error was occurring when text ID mapping was attempting to update a destination record that was not being deployed.
AP-5424Deploy from Branch fails to deploy.
After unmanaging an object and then managing it again, records for the re-managed object were failing to deploy.
AP-5403Null pointer exception during simulate.
From both guided deployment and the legacy deployment center, deployment simulation was encountering a null pointer error.
AP-5375Query filter shows error for symbols &, %, and #.
The query filter in seed sandbox and guided deployment now correctly accepts the symbols.
AP-5369Using Ignore Namespace and Create Missing Fields together causes null pointer exception.
Create Missing Fields was not correctly checking for the Ignore Namespace setting.
AP-5368Deployment Name should not have red asterisk.
In Seed Sandbox, Deployment Name is not a required field, so the red asterisk has been removed.
AP-5347“Request failed with status code 500” error in Seed Sandbox during deployment objects table loading.
The error was occurring when the number of objects in the org exceeded the query limit of 4000.
AP-5344AppOps Release tab won’t load.
An ampersand in the Salesforce org name was causing problems. We now account for special characters in org names.
AP-5332“Username field is not specified” error.
Username was not deploying when User was the root object and the username did not exist in the destination org.
AP-5307Some root deployment objects are not loading.
In Seed Sandbox, the Deployment Objects table for certain root deployment objects was not populating.
AP-5306Deploy button allows multiple clicks.
In Guided Deployment, quickly clicking Deploy multiple times was inadvertently launching multiple deployments.
AP-5290Data set search isn’t working.
In Guided Deployment, typing in the Data Set list box was not filtering the list based on what was typed.
AP-5288Invalid destination org connection error.
Guided deployment was failing when attempting to use a connection created for a scratch org using the DX plugin.
AP-5259Getting “An object ‘Account’ of type CustomObject was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory.” error.
Deployment was failing for objects that include the GeoLocation field type.
AP-5257500 error when deploying the Content Document object.
An issue with the document type was causing deployments to fail.
AP-5254Default option for metadata validation doesn’t test code.
Metadata deployment was mistakenly sending “NoTestRun” instead of “Default” for the test level.
AP-5245Incorrect template type when editing templates.
In Edit Template, an indexing issue was causing Template Type to display incorrect choices.
AP-5222Root Deployment Object component stops working.
In Seed Sandbox, after clicking in Root Deployment Object and typing then clicking elsewhere on the page, clicking in Root Deployment Object again was being ignored.
AP-5232Seed Sandbox lists only the a few root deployment objects at the end of the alphabet.
For orgs with more than 2000 objects, AppOps Release was only including objects 2001 and above in the list.
AP-5225No validation of query filter override.
When using an existing data set in guided deployment or sandbox seeding, no validation was being performed when users entered text in the Query Filter Override box.
AP-5219Seed Sandbox needs Deployment Name field.
Seed Sandbox now allows you to name the deployment just like guided and legacy deployments do.
AP-5215Don’t allow unmanaging the control org.
We now display “The control instance is not allowed to be unmanaged.” rather than delete the control org card.
AP-5208In Seed Sandbox, Opportunity Product (OpportunityLineItem) root object has no available object to select.
AppOps Release was mistakenly skipping checking for parent objects for the root deployment objects with no child objects
AP-5204Query filter sometimes uses wrong object.
When the object label did not match the object API name, the API name from the previous object was being used.
AP-5202Edit and Redeploy resets Validation Tests Option.
AppOps Release now retains the previous Validation Tests Option selection.
AP-5195Seeding search filter for objects does not match on API name.
We now include both object label and object API name in the search filter criteria.
AP-5192VCS commit messages are blank.
We now include messages on VCS check in, check out, and branch creation commits
AP-5183In Deploy from Branch, Deactivate All Events should reset to off.
For safety/security reasons, we now require manually selecting the toggle on each deployment.
AP-5174Deployment halts for unknown reason.
We’ve corrected another corner case that was resulting in an http 500 error.
AP-5155Unmanage should never be an option for the control org card.
When the connection record for the control org was inactive, Unmanage was erroneously appearing as a choice on the control org card.
AP-5105Make “Could not manage org” error message more informative.
We’ve updated the message to “Cannot manage the selected org because it is already managed by another account.”
AP-5104Point legacy deploy buttons at guided deployment.
We’ve changed the default behavior for the Deploy buttons in the data set editor and on the deployment plans page. Refer to Configuring the Deploy Buttons to revert to the legacy flow.
AP-5090Make name of reauthentication pick more meaningful.
In the Settings VCS integration table, we’ve renamed Login to Connect and added support for both OAuth and personal access tokens.
AP-5087Deployment mysteriously failing.
In certain cases, AppOps Release was submitting an empty CSV file to upload as a bulk data job, causing deployment to fail.
AP-5086Data not deploying correctly.
On rare occasions, certain fields and values were getting transposed on insert.
AP-5084Deploy to Branch after manually merge creates duplicates.
This sequence (save to main branch, manually merge to sandbox, deploy to sandbox, then repeat all three steps) was causing records to be inserted a second time.
AP-5069Reloading metadata several times causes issues.
With large sets of metadata, reloading was hitting a size limit that we weren’t accounting for.
AP-5051Unable to Connect sometimes appears when connection is valid.
When clicking on the AppOps Release tab then quickly clicking Settings, the VCS table was displaying before the connection validation completed.
AP-5028Allow deployment to same org.
In Guided Deployment, you can now select the same org for both Source and Destination.
AP-4984Improve info shown in Deployment History list.
We’ve added a checkmark column that indicates the deployment was just a validation, included more informative metadata statuses, and removed the unneeded Time Completed column to make the page more readable.
AP-4920Problems deploying some formula fields.
Under certain circumstances, some formula fields were being deployed incorrectly.
AP-4861Simultaneous deployments sometimes get stuck.
Under rare circumstances, a deadlock situation was arising when two deployments that simultaneously accessed the same record were both waiting for the other to release the record.
AP-4866Simultaneous deployments sometimes get stuck.
Under rare circumstances, a deadlock situation was arising when two deployments that simultaneously accessed the same record were both waiting for the other to release the record.
AP-4861Simultaneous deployments sometimes get stuck.
Under rare circumstances, a deadlock situation was arising when two deployments that simultaneously accessed the same record were both waiting for the other to release the record.
AP-4828Clarify that skipping Data section of Guided Deployment UI is ok.
We’ve added a “Don’t deploy data” radio button choice to help clarify that you don’t need to select anything, and also now hide the deployment plan/data set list/search box until you choose the data selection method.
AP-4816Show event control info with the other deployment activities.
Event control results are now listed under Deployment Activity.
AP-4813Deploy from Branch isn’t deploying leads.
When deploying to a sandbox, records for some objects were not correctly updating.
AP-4786Sometimes Apex classes and triggers don’t appear as changed items.
Metadata now shows Apex classes and triggers as different when their API versions differ.
AP-4741Show new metadata fields in deployment results.
The new guided deployment metadata Validation Tests Option field and deployment history Validation checkmark also appear in the metadata deployment results.
AP-4557Not all selected components show in View Selected Only mode.
In the metadata table, changing the view to show only the selected components wasn’t always showing them all.
AP-4538If unknown upsert method value, use VEID.
To make the system more robust, we’ve added a safety check that sets Record Matching Method to VEID if it ever contains an unknown value.
AP-4531Show errors for managing control as part of VCS setup wizard.
During VCS setup, AppOps Release was not displaying all possible errors that might occur.
AP-4475Allow deactivating events in version control.
We’ve also added the Deactivate All Events toggle in the Deploy from Branch dialog box.
AP-4443Show VCS connection issues.
When the VCS is behind a firewall, the error messages need to be retrieved in a different way.
AP-4434VCS commit info confusing.
Microsoft Azure commits were erroneously showing “tomcat” as the username on commits.
AP-4377Out of memory error when processing many orgs simultaneously.
We’ve split the processing into smaller batches to assure enough memory to execute the jobs.
AP-4132Improve object selection in VCS setup.
We’ve implemented a new table selector component in the UI that greatly improves the selection experience.
AP-3470Managing org failed with “Error encountered while processing job.” message.
The Salesforce query was failing because it was longer than 100,000 characters.
AP-3468Branch created but not associated on the management board card.
We’ve rearranged the order of operations so that the card association happens before initiating deploy to branch.
AP-3454Minor UI text cleanup.
We’ve done more refining of toast messages and instructions on pages throughout AppOps Release.
AP-3448Update fields shown in Deployment History table.
Deployment History now includes a Source column and both Source and Destination list orgs by name, rather than by org ID.
AP-3383Problems occur when attempting to manage an already managed org.
When two connection records point to the same org, only one now shows up in the selection list.xx
AP-3321Improve Metadata Status info.
In the Deployment History list, the Metadata Status column now displays “None Specified” for data-only deployments.
AP-3188Improve speed of metadata deployment where possible.
We’ve added some optimizations and will continue to look for more.
AP-2801Management board cards still do actions when connection inactive.
When the connection record is inactive, we now hide the Save to Branch and Deploy to Org actions.