Add an Event Control

Add an Event Control to a Data Set

To add an event control to an individual data set element or whole data set:

To use event control, Prodly recommends you explicitly select the Schema Org and Destination Schema Org, rather than leaving them blank and relying on the default Use Local Schema.

  1. From the Data Set Editor, ensure that your Schema Org and Destination Schema Org point to the orgs that contain the appropriate source and destination schemas.
  2. In the right side of the header, click the Data Set Controls (gear) icon and select Event Control.
  3. By default, Release selects the deployment object of the data set’s root element. If you do not need to control events for this object, click the Delete (trash can) icon on the right to delete the card from the Objects with Event Controls list.
  4. In the Specify Object for Event Control pickist, click on the magnifying glass icon, then select an object with events you desire to control.
  5. In the card that appears for the object you selected, click the Configure link for the type of events you desire to control.
  6. In the Event Scope picklist, specify whether you want to temporarily deactivate events during deployment of the entire data set or just a single data set element within the data set.
    • When selecting Data Set Element for Event Scope, also select the Data Set Element.
  7. Scroll through the list of available events associated with the object and select Deactivate for the events you desire to deactivate. Also, selecting Deactivate All Events disables the Deactivate checkboxes for each individual event.
  8. Click Done to close the Event Control dialog box.
  9. Click Save to resave the data set with the event control changes.

Add an Event Control to a Deployment Plan

To add an event control to a deployment plan:

  1. From the deployment plan details page, at the right edge of the Event Controls section header, click New.
  2. For API Object Name, enter the API name of the object containing the events you desire to deactivate.
  3. Select one of these Event Types:
    • Triggers
    • Validation Rules
    • Workflows
    • Duplicate Rules
    • Processes
  4. For Event Scope, always select Deployment Plan to invoke the endpoint in conjunction with the deployment plan.
  5. To deactivate all events of the selected event type for the selected object:
    1. Select Deactivate All Events.
    2. Click Save.
  6. To deactivate individual events of the selected event type for the specified object:
    1. Click Save to create the event control record.
    2. Click the newly-created Event Control Name.
    3. Click the Related tab.
    4. In the Event Control Items section, click New.
    5. Enter an Event Name. For example, Filter_formula_field_null is the name of a validation rule event on the SBQQ_PriceCondition__c object.
    6. Enter an Event Namespace. For example, SBQQ is the namespace for Salesforce CPQ custom objects.
    7. Click Save.