Add an Invocation to a Deployment Plan

To add an invocation to a deployment plan:

  1. From the deployment plan details page, at the right edge of the Invocations section header, click New.

New appears only when invocation templates exist.

  1. Select an Invocation Template.

At this point, you can also select + New Invocation Template to create a new invocation template and automatically select it for the invocation you are adding.

  1. Notice Release automatically selects Deployment Plan. Do not alter this selection.
  2. For Invocation Scope, always select Deployment Plan to invoke the endpoint in conjunction with the deployment plan.
  3. For Invocation Order, select whether to invoke the endpoint before or after deploying the deployment plan.

To invoke an endpoint in the middle of a deployment plan deployment, add invocations to data sets in the deployment plan.

  1. For Invocation Target Org, select whether to invoke the endpoint in the source, destination, or control org.
  2. Click Save.