Minor Release 3 – Sep 7, 2021

Release Details 

Release name:AppOps Summer ‘21
Version name:Minor Release 3
Release date:September 7, 2021
Prodly AppOps managed package version:1.202
Prodly AppOps managed package update:No
Prodly AppOps cloud-based service update:Yes

Resolved Issues 

This table lists resolved issues in the September 7, 2021 minor release of Prodly AppOps Release.

AP-5251Duplicate key error during metadata compare.
Under certain circumstances, the metadata compare was attempting to duplicate the Account object.
AP-5322Root Deployment Object component stops working.
In Seed Sandbox, after clicking in Root Deployment Object and typing then clicking elsewhere on the page, clicking in Root Deployment Object again was being ignored.
AP-5219Seed Sandbox needs Deployment Name field.
Seed Sandbox now allows you to name the deployment just like guided and legacy deployments do.
AP-4434VCS commit info is confusing.
Microsoft Azure commits were erroneously showing “tomcat” as the username on commits.