Release Notes | Version 11.8

AppOps Release

Quickly Find Data Sets to Deploy

When selecting a Data Set in Guided Deployment, Data Sets are organized by Folder.

View Metadata Dependencies (Beta)

When deploying metadata in Guided Deployment, you’ll see a new panel in the metadata components table showing dependencies. Dependencies are components that are required for a successful deployment because they are related to your selections. Currently, dependency management is only supported for fields that depend on an object.

In our upcoming releases, we’ll add support for more relationships, as well as the ability to jump to the dependency in the table, and to select dependencies directly from the panel.

Improved Searches for Metadata Deployments

Better search functionality for the metadata components table in Guided Deployment. 

Select All Metadata

You’ll now be able to quickly select all components when deploying metadata in Guided Deployments.

Compliance Reporting – Last Modified by User Name on Source Record

New fields are available in Deployment Results and a new custom Report Type. Use Report Type Deployment Results with Deployment Data Set Results with Deployment Batch Results with Deployment Record Results. Fields for report: Data Set Object, Created By (Deployment), Source Environment Name, Destination Environment Name, Source Last Modified by Username.

Resolved Issues

PM-664 Access and Refresh tokens showing up in the browser

Fixed an issue causing the access token to be discoverable in the browser

PM-652 Add envr with JWT will error out and not create the card

Fixed an issue some users were facing when using JWT connections on new environments

PM-641 If control connection is invalid for any reason should show the authentication screen

Fixed an issue to help users reauthenticate when a control connection became invalid

PM-640 Control connection ID is not matching the Connection ID from the instance record

Fixed a bug to keep connection IDs consistent

PM-619 JWT sandbox select from drop-down is multiplying them

Fixed a UI bug causing environments to show up more than once in some fields

PM-599 JWT sandbox select will not keep a selection in the field

Fixed an issue preventing JWT environments from being selected in some fields

PM-582 Same local field name conflicts with managed field name

Fixed a conflict between local and managed field names

PM-581 VC setup cannot be removed if it’s invalid

Fixed an issue preventing the removal of invalid repositories

PM-557 Does Not Contain (NOT LIKE) errors out despite being formatted correctly

Fixed a recurring error with the ‘does not contain’ field in the query builder

PM-556 Switch from new to existing data set will clear the source field

Fixed an issue causing the source field to be cleared when switching the data selection method 

PM-549 Seeding object table loading has no objects selectable

Fixed a UI bug causing an issue with tables when seeding sandboxes

PM-542 VC setup will not search objects by API name

Added the ability to search for an object via its API name when adding objects to be used in Version Control.

PM-537 Filter option for control is taking the org ID and not the name

Fixed a bug causing the org ID to be shown instead of the environment name in Deployment History filtering.

PM-530 VC reconnect should create a new tokens

Fixed an issue with tokens when reconnecting repositories

PM-501 Collapsible sections should scroll behind the footer
PM-456 floating bottom buttons bar is not respecting the height for resolutions higher than 2.4k

Made improvements to the UI in Seed Sandbox regarding the footer for certain screen sizes

PM-375 App is loading too slow when cache is disabled

Improved performance for users not using cache