Managed Package Deprecated Components

The following components from the Managed Package will be deprecated along with Prodly’s Deployment Center. It is recommended to remove associated tabs and access granted through profiles to these components. The Prodly Admin and User Permission Sets will no longer provide access to the following components:

  1. Connections Tab
  2. Deployment Center Tab
  3. DeployDataSet Visualforce Page
  4. DeploymentCenter Visualforce Page
  5. NewConnectionEditor Visualforce Page
  6. NewConnectionController Apex Class
  7. NewConnectionControllerTest Apex Class
  8. DeploymentCenterController Apex Class
  9. DeploymentCenterControllerTest Apex Class
  10. DeploymentController Apex Class
  11. DeploymentControllerTest Apex Class
  12. DeploymentComponentController Apex Class
  13. DeploymentComponentControllerTests Apex Class
  14. DeploymentPlanService Apex Class
  15. DeploymentPlanServiceTest Apex Class
  16. DeploymentPlanWebService Apex Class
  17. DeploymentPlanWebServiceTest Apex Class
  18. DeploymentSchedulable Apex Class
  19. DeploymentService Apex Class
  20. DeploymentServiceTest Apex Class
  21. DeploymentWebService Apex Class
  22. DeploymentWebServiceTest Apex Class