Prodly AppOps Platform

New Features and Enhancements 

Salesforce API Support 

We have upgraded the Prodly AppOps platform to support Salesforce API v52 (Summer ‘21).

Resolved Issues 

This table lists resolved issues in Prodly AppOps Summer ‘21 major and minor releases.

AP-4831Managed package Apex API updates.
For Summer 21, we’ve added the ability to specify a query filter override, deactivate all events, run data deployment simulations, and several levels of metadata validation.
AP-4830Improve REST access to version control.
We’ve added and exposed more REST endpoints for version control.
AP-4827Run jobs sequentially when running them simultaneously would cause issues.
We’ve addressed several of these cases at the platform level, such as unmanaging an org or starting a second deployment to an org while a deployment involving that org is running.
AP-4738Mixing org-to-org and VC deployments causes duplicates.
When version control was set up after already deploying from production, the AppOps platform code was not handling all possible duplication cases.
AP-4652Invalid connection record message, but connection is valid.
Occasionally, the “Could not find a valid Connection record in the specified org.” messages was appearing even though the record was valid.
AP-2870Hide Submit button when all product licenses are active.
On the Prodly Account tab, the Reset and Submit buttons no longer appear when all products have active licenses.