Deploy Branch Data to Org

To deploy your VCS repository branch data to your org:

  1. Under the Release tab, locate the card associated with the org to deploy to.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow in the upper right of the card and select Deploy from Branch.

The record deletion warning message appears only when Delete Destination Records is enabled.

  1. In the dialog box that appears, verify the information and click Deploy.

The Release service compares the last two versions in the branch and uses the upsert deployment method to deploy any additions and changes in the branch data to the org for each object you are managing with version control and if Delete Destination Records is enabled, deletes records from the org that no longer exist in the branch.

About current limitations: The current version of Release change management feature supports deploying only the most-recent version of the branch data. The Create Missing Fields option for org-to-org deployment is not yet available with version-control deployment. If you add a new field to an object, Save to Branch does save the field to the VCS repository branch, and merging branches does create the field in the merged branch, but any subsequent Deploy to Org actions do not create the field in the destination org. Prodly intends to provide this functionality in a future release.