Release Notes | Version 12.15

Release Date | July 28th, 2023


With each release, Prodly strives to improve our product and deliver the results and features our users need to make their work easier and more efficient. Our release notes are available to our users to review our most anticipated feature releases including requests and suggestions provided by our customers and updates on our latest bug fixes. 

What we are most excited about

Highlights from our latest release

  • Compliance Center
    • Users can now request a Monitor license to receive access to the Compliance Center feature
    • The feature allows users to track changes to data through work items in their managed environments and run reports to analyze these changes
    • The Monitor license provides users access to the Monitor tab where they can create Monitoring Rules, specify which environments they want to monitor these rules in and generate reports based on the changes they are tracking. 
  • Next Generation Data Processing
    • Users can now activate a toggle in Settings within the AppOps Release tab to try out new Data processing logic while running org to org deployments and for new features rolled out for Version Control deployments. 
  • Azure DevOps Integration
    • Users can now view deployments linked to work items inside Azure DevOps
    • A list of recent linked deployments is displayed when opening each work item
    • A link to the Deployment History within AppOps Release is also available for quick reference

For our users, from our users

Suggested improvements and feature requests from our users

  • Version Control Enhancements
    • Users are now able to specify what folder they want their data to be migrated to within their branch upon saving to branch
    • Only selected fields on a data set will be deployed when saving to and deploying from a branch using a data set
    • Data checked in from org to branch using a data set filter will merge only data that fits the filter with the existing csv- existing records will be updated and new records will be inserted
    • Users can choose which Schema they want to reference before choosing what data to manage with Version Control upon initial setup 
  • Deployment History Enhancements
    • Deployment progress bar has been added to the Deployment History within the AppOps Release tab so users can see the progress of their deployment. 
    • Deployment results for deployment plans are now separated by data set in Deployment History
    • Polling added to Deployment History table so new deployments and status changes will appear automatically and no longer require a refresh
    • Users can now stop a deployment in progress from the Deployment Results within the AppOps Release tab
  • Metadata Enhancements
    • Picklist values now appearing by name instead of numerical value in the Metadata Comparison tool

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Latest fixes and updates

  • PM-3096 Deployment Plan will be preselected when selecting ‘Redeploy’ on a past deployment of a Deployment Plan
  • PM-3870 Work items linked to deployments are now stored in the Work Item Tracking object in Salesforce
  • PM-3822 Refresh button now appearing next to Data Set selection dropdown in Guided Deployment and Sandbox Seeding
  • PM-3958 Save to branch using a data set when VC is enabled in a sandbox will now save to branch as expected
  • PM-3963 Deploy from branch to Control will now longer throw null.pointer error when using the Pricebook object
  • PM-3980 Column order in csv is retained for save to branch with data set
  • PM-3981 For lookup fields saved to branch using a data set, lookup field values will now appear as GUIDs and not Salesforce record Ids
  • PM-3982 Capitalization is retained in names of changed CSVs of CPQ objects

Managed Package Schema Changes

This release contains the following changes to the managed package schema. Prodly Permission Sets have been updated to reflect these new components for package 1.246.

*Required: Requires at least read access to this component to use the application

Component Name (Label)Component Type
Parent Component
AppOpsMonitorControllerApex ClassLoads Compliance Center appYes
AppOpsMonitorVisualforce PageRenders Compliance Center appYes
MonitorCustom TabTab to access Compliance CenterYes
Work Item TrackingCustom FieldWork Item ReportWork Item Tracking this Monitored Environment is associated withYes
Monitored EnvironmentCustom FieldWork Item ReportMonitored Environment this Work Item Tracking is associated withYes
Work Item ReportCustom ObjectJunction object linking a Work Item Tracking with a Monitored EnvironmentYes
Monitoring RuleCustom FieldMonitoring Rule ObjectMonitoring Rule object is associated withYes
LabelCustom FieldMonitoring Rule ObjectObject being monitoredYes
Monitoring Rule ObjectCustom ObjectLinks a Monitoring Rule to an object to be monitoredYes
Monitoring RuleCustom ObjectCompliance Center Monitoring RuleYes
Monitoring RuleCustom FieldMonitored Environment RuleMonitoring Rule associated with this Monitored Environment RuleYes
Monitored EnvironmentCustom FieldMonitored Environment RuleMonitored Environment associated with this Monitored Environment RuleYes
Monitored Environment RuleCustom ObjectJunction object linking a Monitored Environment with a Monitoring RuleYes
Managed EnvironmentCustom FieldMonitored EnvironmentManaged Environment associated with this Monitored EnvironmentYes
Monitored EnvironmentCustom ObjectEnvironment monitored by Compliance CenterYes
StatusCustom FieldAudit ReportStatus of report generationYes
Report LinkCustom FieldAudit ReportLink to view reportYes
Managed EnvironmentCustom FieldAudit ReportManaged Environment this report is associated withYes
ErrorCustom FieldAudit ReportError message if an error was encountered generating the reportYes
Audit ReportCustom ObjectCompliance Center ReportYes
Managed Object LabelCustom FieldManaged ObjectLabel of Managed ObjectYes
Work Item KeyCustom FieldWork Item TrackingIssue Key from Work Management toolYes
Repo Folder NameCustom FieldVCS RepoName of the Folder for this VCS RepoYes
Issue TypeCustom FieldWork Item TrackingType of Issue from Work Management toolYes
AppOpsMonitorControllerApex ClassLoads Compliance Center appYes
AppOpsMonitorVisualforce PageRenders Compliance Center appYes
MonitorCustom TabTab to access Compliance CenterYes