Azure Boards Integration

Prodly’s Azure Boards integration feature allows users to link Azure work items to deployments for tracking and visibility purposes. All Prodly Users will be able to link Azure work items to deployments, however, their accessibility to Azure work items will depend on their level of access in Azure DevOps.


Azure DevOps Cloud

Prodly User license

To set up the Azure Boards Integration:

The Account Settings Manage custom permission is required to set up the integration.

  1. In Settings in the Release Tab open Integrations
  2. Select ‘Connect‘ next to Azure Boards
  3. Add the Project URL, and the Personal Access token generated from your Azure account
  4. Select ‘Connect
  5. If successfully connected, you will see a link to your Azure account and a green label showing ‘Connected
  6. Optional: Toggle on ‘Required‘ to require work items to be linked to deployments between sandboxes and to production environments.

Add Azure Work Items to a Deployment:

  1. Set up your deployment as you normally would with Sandbox Seeding or in Deploy
  2. At the bottom of the page there is a section titled Azure Boards with a search box beneath it
  3. Search for the work items(s) you wish to link by item number or name
  4. Select each desired work item to add it to the deployment
  5. Remove selected work items by clicking the X that appears to the right of the selected issue

See Work Items Associated to a Deployment

Once your Deployment has finished Submitting, view your results and linked work items are displayed in Deployment History.

Add or Remove Work Items to a Completed Deployment

Work items can be added or removed from a deployment in Deployment History by selecting the Pencil Icon next to the Azure Boards section and editing accordingly.