Supported Metadata Components and Types

AppOps Release currently supports deploying these Salesforce metadata types and their sub components:

  • Apex Classes (ApexClass)
  • Apex Triggers (ApexTrigger)
  • Custom Fields (CustomField) including Field Sets (FieldSet) and Picklists (StandardValueSet)
  • Custom Objects (CustomObject)
  • Emails (EmailTemplate)
  • Flows (FlowDefinition)
  • Folders (EmailFolder)
  • Global Picklists (GlobalValueSet)
  • Group (Group)
  • Page Layouts (Layout)
  • Permission Sets (PermissionSet)
  • Permission Set Groups (PermissionSetGroup)
  • Profiles (Profiles)
  • Record Types (RecordType)
  • Roles (Role)
  • Picklist Values (StandardValueSet)
  • Validation Rules (ValidationRule)

Custom Settings are actually stored as data in Salesforce and supported by AppOps Release’s data deployment functionality.