Custom Permissions and Package Installation

When installing the managed package, all users that the package is installed for will have the Prodly custom permissions added to their profiles by default. The custom permissions provide Admin access to certain features. If you only wish to grant Admins these permissions, install the package for Admins only. If you wish to install the package for All users but do not want all users to have these permissions, you will have to remove the custom permissions from the profiles of the users.

This table highlights the custom permissions and the Admin access they provide:

Custom Permission LabelAPI NameDescription
Account Settings Manage
Prodly_Account_Settings_ManageAllows Admins to view Prodly Account Settings such as Allow Deletions and Individual Record Results settings. Users without this permission will only be able to authenticate to their Version Control Repository if the account is integrated with Version Control.
Prodly Control Instance ManageProdly_Control_Instance_ManageProvides Admins the option to authenticate and re authenticate the control org environment. Users without this custom permission will not see this option on the control org environment. 
Prodly Metadata ManageProdly_Metadata_ManageProvides Admins the option to compare and deploy Metadata. Users without this custom permission will not be able to deploy Metadata.