Authorize Access and Grant Permissions


Authorizing access for Prodly Release users consists of granting access to necessary components, assigning user permissions, and configuring browsers.

These steps require that you have the Modify Users permission enabled for your profile.

Edit Connected App Policies 

The Prodly Release app uses a Salesforce connected app to connect to the Salesforce platform.

To configure the Prodly connected app:

  1. In the Salesforce org where you installed the Prodly managed package, navigate to Setup > Apps > Connected Apps > Manage Connected Apps.
  2. Click Prodly.
  3. Click Edit Policies.
  4. In the Permitted Users list, select Admin approved users are pre-authorized.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Scroll to Profiles and click Manage Profiles.
  7. Select corresponding checkboxes to grant profiles access to the Prodly connected app.
  8. Click Save.

Assign License

  1. In the Salesforce org where you installed the Prodly managed package, navigate to Setup > Apps > Packages > Installed Packages
  2. Click Prodly AppOps.
  3. Click Manage Licenses.
  4. Assign Licence to User.
  5. Click Save.

Assign Permission Sets

The Prodly Admin and Prodly User permission sets grant access to the Prodly application, custom objects, and custom fields.

FunctionProdly AdminProdly User
Manage account settings (Custom Permission)
Manage control environment (Custom Permission)
Authorize access to Salesforce environments
Create folders
Create data sets
Compare and deploy metadata (Custom Permission)
Run data deployments
View deployment results

Custom Permissions

The following custom permissions can also be used to create additional permission sets for specific user needs. 

  • Prodly Control Instance Manage: Enables user to set and edit control instance authentication. 
  • Prodly Account Settings Manage: Enables user to manage account settings 
  • Prodly Metadata Manage: Enables user to compare and deploy metadata

To grant access:

  1. In Setup, navigate to Permission Sets.
  2. Select the Prodly Admin or Prodly User permission set or a custom permission set.
  3. Click Manage Assignments.
  4. Add the users who need access to Prodly.

Configure the Safari Browser 

The Safari browser requires adjustment to the privacy settings to correctly display the Release and Test tabs.

To change the settings:

  1. In the Safari privacy settings, allow cookies and allow cross-site tracking.