Enables rapid deployment of low-code app configuration data.


Release enables rapid deployment of low-code app configuration data between any Salesforce orgs. Without Release, deploying data between Salesforce orgs is a painstakingly slow, cumbersome process. Release improves speed, reliability, and auditability of application releases. Your administrators and other non-technical users can release changes faster and more reliably, which ultimately delivers more agility in your business. 

Simply stated, deployment is the copying of data from a source to a destination. Release:

  • Automates org-to-org configuration data deployment.
  • Provides the ability to manage, track, and deploy reference data changes to Salesforce orgs using an integrated version control system (VCS).

Org-to-org deployment copies a subset of metadata (selected at deploy time) and/or data records (defined by one or more data sets) from a source org to a destination org. You initiate deployment from either the Deploy page or the Seed Sandbox page.