Preview Data

The Preview feature on the Deploy page allows users to preview their data set or deployment plan before deploying. This feature references mapping tables to provide a breakdown of all the root records that would be deployed to the destination and specify if the records will be inserts or updates. Users can then load the records and select which records they want to deploy.

Follow these steps to Preview your data:

  1. Visit the Release tab
  2. Locate the Deploy page
  3. Select a source and destination for your deployment
  4. Select a data set/ deployment plan
  5. Select ‘Preview’
  6. Beneath the Preview will be the option to ‘Show Records’ select this to view all the records listed
  7. Use the checkbox on each record to select them for deployment
  8. Select ‘Deploy‘ at the bottom of the page if you wish to deploy the records

For Deployment Plans where multiple root objects exist, select the root record you wish to load records for from the dropdown before selecting ‘Show Records’.

Create a custom List View to use for Preview:

  1. Visit the root Object in Salesforce
  2. Create new custom List View and format the List API Name adding ‘Preview_’ (Example: ‘Preview_campaign’)
  3. Refresh the Preview results in AppOps Release.
  4. You will see the custom List view in the Preview table
  5. Tool Tip will change to ‘Currently showing fields from List View ‘Preview Campaign’.


  • Only root records can be previewed.
  • Currently can only be used to accurately preview records that have been matched through VEID.
  • Up to 2000 records can be loaded for preview. Objects that return over 2000 records will result in an message indicating the records cannot be loaded for preview.