Select a Deployment Object

Deployment Object is only selectable for the root data set element. For non-root elements, Deployment Object is a read-only field populated by your selections on the Parent Relationships and Child Relationships tabs.

To select a deployment object for the root data set element:

  1. From the Data Set Editor, in Tabs view, click the Element Details tab.
  2. Click the leftmost object name in the breadcrumb navigation to select and display the root data set element.
  3. In the Deployment Object list, select the Salesforce object to use as the basis of the data set element. A picklist shows all of the Salesforce objects available in the schema that are accessible, queryable, and can either be updated or inserted by Release as the root object. The objects are sorted alphabetically.

Only Salesforce itself can create some objects. Refer to Standard Object Considerations for more information. All objects with relationships to the root element’s deployment object are eligible and available for inclusion in the data set through the Parent Relationships and Child Relationships tabs.