Enhancements and Fixes

This table lists new features and notable bug fixes in the January 5, 2021 minor release of Prodly AppOps Winter ‘21. The table is sorted initially by most-recent to oldest tracking number. Click any heading to sort the table by that column.

Lead records are getting duplicated when deploying through the version control system.
After initializing the VCS with the contact, account, case, lead, opportunity, and asset objects, creating and deploying new lead records was creating duplicates.
The initial branch is not using the repository’s default branch.
The initial branch was being created as master rather than using the repository’s default branch.
New managed org silently failing.
After successfully establishing a VCS repository, managing new org was silently failing for users without the View Encrypted Data permission.
On the Scheduled Test Runs tab, remove the View Results dropdown link.
This link was added ahead of completion of the feature. For this release, use the Test Run Results tab to see results of executed test runs.
Inhibit premature displaying of management board during VCS reauthorizing.
When reconnecting to the VCS, AppOps Release was causing user confusion by displaying the management board too soon.
Problems switching between GitHub and Bitbucket repositories.
After disconnecting from one vendor’s VCS, rerunning the setup wizard and attempting to connect to the other vendor’s VCS was unable to complete/succeed.
Some records are not deploying to the control org.
After merging new records from a sandbox branch into the default branch in the VCS, deploying from the management board to the control org was not inserting all the new records.
Delete operation fails when destination object has required lookups.
Records deleted in one org were not being deleted during deployment to another org from the management board.
Info tip is missing for Workspace field in UI.
In the setup wizard, the newly-added Workspace field for Bitbucket VCS integration was added without an info tip.
Confirmation box for unscheduling a test run doesn’t close.
Clicking Ok on the confirmation box was successfully unscheduling the test run, but not closing the dialog box.
Save to Branch fails when schema has changed.
Fields added to or removed from an org’s schema after placing the org under version control was causing the Save to Branch action to fail.