View Baseline Values

Baseline values are simply the results of executing the test case, stored in the test case for future comparison.

Even though you can select all fields for the Quote and Quote Line objects while creating a quote test template, the related Salesforce CPQ APIs used by test cases do not return values for all fields. Refer to Adding Reference Fields for details.

To view a test case’s existing baseline values: 

  1. From the Test Cases page, in the Baseline column, click View Baseline in the row of the desired test case. The standard Salesforce Details tab appears with details for the test case you selected.
  2. Scroll down to the Baseline Targets section.

The section displays pertinent information for each baseline value:

  • Baseline Name – Specifies the auto-generated name of the baseline record.
  • Record Id– Specifies the ID of the record the test case is using for the test.
  • Object Name – Specifies the object of the record the test case is using for the test. 
  • Field Name – Specifies the field in the object record associated with the baseline value.
  • Value – Specifies the baseline value Test captured.