Prodly Test automates regression testing of complex Salesforce CPQ data.


Test automates regression testing of complex Salesforce workflows, for example, Salesforce CPQ. Tests are fully API-based, instead of click-based UI walkthroughs. Using an intuitive visual user interface, you create and execute test cases, analyze the results, then rerun the test cases anytime to compare the state of the system at various moments in time.

With Test, you can:

  • Iteratively run sanity tests during development, deployments, and project go-live.
  • Define and run test cases throughout the development and release cycles, and schedule them to rerun again after major and minor Salesforce releases.
  • Reliably confirm that your low-code application implementations, like Salesforce CPQ, drive your users to the correct expected results.
  • Quickly answer questions like:
    • Have my price rule changes inadvertently introduced errors?
    • Are specific quote lines still receiving the values I expect?
    • Have the list amounts, list totals, net amounts, and net totals been affected by the latest Salesforce push upgrade?