Test Templates


Test templates are building blocks for test cases. A test template simply contains a list of fields (from one or more objects) you specify to test. When you create a test case, you select a test template as the basis and all the fields specified in the template get included in the test case. You can reuse a test template as the basis for multiple test cases.

For example: create a test template for use with test cases that use the Salesforce CPQ Calculate Quote API to determine if Salesforce updates introduce regressions in your CPQ pricing calculations. 

The Test Templates Page 

To access the page, in the left sidebar of the Test tab, click Test Templates.

The page displays pertinent information for each test template:

  • Template Name – Specifies the unique, meaningful name of the test template.
  • Template Type – Specifies the type of test template (contract or quote). Options available in the current release are:
    • Contract – Specify fields from the Contract, Asset, and Subscription objects to use to test contract validity.
    • Quote – Specify fields from the Quote, Quote Line, Opportunity, Opportunity Product and Account objects to test price quote calculation, contract amendment, and contract renewal.
  • Owner – Specifies the Salesforce user who currently owns the test template.
  • Created By – Specifies the user who created the test template.
  • Last Modified By – Specifies the user who last modified the test template.