How to access the Deployment Results in the Release Tab

With the upcoming deprecation of the Deployment Results tab, users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Deployment Results page that is located within the Release tab. There are no prior steps required to view the Deployment Results from the Release tab.

The new Deployment Results page provides all the functionality of the Deployment Results tab, however, it also includes an enhanced user friendly design and options to filter the results.

To view the Deployment Results page:

  1. Visit the Release tab
  2. Visit ‘Deployments‘ from the navigation bar on the left hand side to visit the Deployment History table
  3. From the Deployment History table, Select a deployment you wish to view the results for
  4. You will be directed to the Deployment Results page for the selected deployment

Deployment Details:

At the top of the Deployment Results page users can see all the relevant deployment details such as the deployment name, source, destination, progress bar, status, overall result, duration and more.

Data Deployment/ Simulation Results table:

Above the results table the following details will be displayed:

  1. Data Set/ Deployment Plan Name (Linked)
  2. Total number of records processed
  3. Total number of records succeeded
  4. Total number of records failed
  5. Query Used (If applicable)

The Deployment Record Results table will show the following fields for each record, and can be filtered by all fields:

  1. Object (Name and API name)
  2. Source record (Link to the record in the source)
  3. Destination record (Link to the record in the destination)
  4. Last Modified By (User email)
  5. Operation (Insert, Update, Deletes)
  6. Result (Success, Failure)

To remove all filters and revert the table back to its original state select the ‘Clear Filters‘ option on the top right of the Results table.

To view the relevant error message on failed records, hover over the failed status in the Results table.

Metadata Deployment / Simulation Results table:

The Metadata results table will show the following:

  1. Components and subcomponents processed in alphabetical order
  2. Status of the component deployed (Success, Not Deployed)

To view the relevant error message on failed records, hover over the failed status in the Results table.

The results table can be filtered by searching by component name/type in the Search Bar and using the toggle to ‘Show Only Errors’

Deployment Activity:

The Deployment Activity section appears beneath the record results for data deployments. Displays a category, activity title, timestamp, and specific message for each activity. The most recent entries appear at the top. The activity is searchable by keywords.

The Deployment Activity is not available for Metadata Deployments.