View and Initiate Deployments from Jira

To view and initiate deployments from Jira, users must first create a custom field within their Jira account and then connect the field to Salesforce.

Setup the Custom Field in your Jira Account:

  1. Login to Jira
  2. Visit Jira Marketplace and install Prodly DevOps for Jira
  3. Once installed, from the Settings dropdown in Jira account, select Issues.
  4. Under Fields, select Custom fields.
  5. Select ‘Create Custom Field‘ (Make sure to select All to view the available field options.)
  6. Select Prodly Jira Integration Field Type and click Next.
  7. Add the details for your field.

The name you select appears as the custom field’s title wherever the field appears. The description appears below the field when creating and editing issues, but not when browsing issues.

  1. Once you have entered the field details, select Create.
  2. Add the new custom field to one or multiple screens by ticking the corresponding box and click Update.

Connect the Field to Salesforce:

You will need to allow the app to access Atlassian products on your behalf. To do this follow these steps:

  1. On the promptings on the field select ‘Allow Access’
  2. You will then be prompted to grant additional access to your Salesforce account. Select ‘Configure Access’.
  3. You will be directed to login to Salesforce

Once logged into Salesforce you should be able to see any deployments that exist in the custom field and you should see the option to ‘Deploy this issue’ to initiate a deployment.