Install the Managed Package

For org-to-org deployments, Prodly recommends installing in the org where you intend to build data sets and initiate deployments (typically your production org).For Release version control deployment, you must install the Prodly Release managed package in the Salesforce org where your source of truth data resides. You can install in multiple orgs; however, you can only place an org under version control from one managed package installation.

Prodly Release is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. To install Release into your Salesforce instance: 

  1. Locate the Prodly Release managed package by visiting our listing on the AppExchange.
  2. Click Get It Now.
  3. Log in to the AppExchange and follow the on-screen prompts to install.
    1. Specify where you want to install Prodly Release.
    2. Read and accept the terms of conditions by selecting the checkbox.
  4. Click Confirm and Install.
  5. Select Install for Admins Only.

Due to the admin-focused nature of the app, that is, the level of access and potential for mass data modification that the app provides, Prodly strongly recommends providing access only to administrator profiles.

  1. Click Install.