Release Notes | Version 11.9

AppOps Release

Select Metadata Dependencies (Beta)

When deploying metadata in Guided Deployment, you’ll see a new panel in the metadata components table showing dependencies. Now you have the ability to select those dependencies to add to your deployment. 

Alphabetically Sort Metadata Components

Updated the Metadata Diff Viewer to load components alphabetically. 

Comparison Views – Support Exclude Rule Type

Comparison Views are pre-set filters that enable you to filter down the metadata that loads in the diff viewer to specific types to increase the speed of loading of the diff viewer. Excluded types of metadata are now supported meaning you are able to create a new comparison view and exclude specific types of metadata from loading (eg. email templates). To learn more about Comparison Views, check out this article

Guided Deployment UI Updates

Padding was removed from the guided deployment UI to increase information density. Metadata and data sections are now toggled off by default. 

Bug Fixes

PM-754 403 error when adding the same VC to an environment

PM-751 Null pointer when deploying metadata

PM-739 Null pointer exception when detail diff any top component

PM-670 Edit input after validate in advance should disable the deploy button

PM-659 Metadata Filtering – Enabling show only selected freezes the filter pane

PM-658 Metadata Compare – bottom-most nested component is not viewable

PM-642 Remove source from X will not show confirmation popup

PM-632 Removing source/destination should clear out the whole compare table

PM-631 Removing the source should trigger warning/confirmation and stop the loading

PM-575 See more for latest deployments in envr drawer will show generic error screen

PM-529 envrironment card will not update the status until it’s not opened again

PM-517 System information disclosure in HTTP header