Refresh Baseline Values

Baseline values are simply the results of executing the test case, stored in the test case for future comparison. Refresh Baseline retrieves the latest snapshot of field values for a given quote.

You might sometimes desire to start fresh and capture a new set of baseline values. For example, when a test case failure occurs because you’ve edited the quote since you originally created the test case, refresh the test case baseline to bring the values current. 

To refresh a test case’s existing baseline values:

  1. Initiate a baseline refresh from the Test Cases page by either:
    • Identifying the test case to refresh, clicking the dropdown arrow at the right end of the row, and selecting Refresh Baseline.
    • Selecting the checkbox of the test case to refresh and clicking Refresh Baseline.
  2. Click Ok to refresh the baseline values for the test case.

Test queues the test case for baseline values capture and sets Baseline Status to Queued.

When capture is complete, Test sets Baseline Status to Complete and stores the results as baseline values in the test case for future comparison by test runs.

Baseline refresh deletes the old baseline records and inserts new ones. The deleted records in the recycle bin count against the org storage limit, so Prodly recommends emptying the recycle bin periodically if you do a lot of refreshing.