Validating with Next Gen Data Processing


The Validation Button in the Deployment/Seed Sandbox activities serves as a comprehensive data preview tool. It enables users to visualize the number of updates, inserts, and deletes on records from any object within the data set or deployment plan. Users can review and select specific records for deployment through this functionality.

It is important to note that Preview supports only VEID record matching method.

Guidance on utilizing the Preview feature:

1. Navigate to the Release Tab.

2. Access the Deploy or Seed Sandbox Options located on the left-hand side toolbar.

3. Choose the appropriate Source and Destination settings.

4. Depending on your selected deployment method, opt for either Deploy or Create Data (Seed Sandbox).

5. Click on the Validate Button.

Upon completion of the Deployment process, a Results Summary Table will be presented, showcasing successful or unsuccessful insertions/updates of objects. Additionally, a Record Result table will be available below, providing a detailed analytical view of the data deployment outcome. Upon selecting an object, you will have access to a comprehensive view of all related records, including their unique identifiers and detailed information about each record. This allows you to view the configuration of the records in the target destination prior to the final deployment.