Generate Reports

Once Monitoring Rules are assigned to Monitored Environments, users can then generate reports to view tracked changes. Once a report is generated it can be downloaded for users to review and share as needed.

To generate a report:

  1. Visit the Monitor Tab
  2. Visit the Environments page
  3. Select ‘View Changes’ on the appropriate Monitored Environment
  4. Select the Changes you want to run a report for from the list of work items
    • Work Items: Run a report based on the work items linked to a deployment
    • Show:
      • All Changes: Changes made using Prodly and changes outside of Prodly
      • Deployment Changes: Changes made through a Prodly deployment
      • Other Changes: Changes not part of a Prodly deployment
    • Report Type
      • Sample Report: Showing individual changes made
      • Population Report: Types of changes made per object
  5. Select ‘Generate Report’
  6. Once the report generation has completed select ‘Download’ to download as an html file.

Users can open and view past reports by selecting ‘Older Reports’. Most recent reports will be appear at the top of the changes list.