Work With Data Sets

A data set is a reusable set of instructions that identify which Salesforce object data to copy from a source org to a destination org. Because of the recursive nature of relational objects, what you conceptually think of as a data set is actually much more complex. Each data set is actually a chain of data set elements and their relationships that Prodly Release traverses during deployment.

A data set consists of:

  • A root data set element, consisting of:
    • A data set name
    • An optional description
    • All items in the data set element list
  • A data set element for each object to deploy, each consisting of:
    • A deployment object
    • Element details
    • Object fields
    • Field properties
  • Data set relationships

During data set creation in the data set editor, you create an initial data set element by selecting a Salesforce object as the starting point for the data set. You then select attributes, fields within that object, and relationships to child and/or parent objects. For each relationship you select, Release creates a separate data set element for each child or parent Salesforce object you select. Thus, a data set contains individual data set elements for each Salesforce object in the deployment.

The data set editor is the interface through which you create, edit, and manage your data sets. The editor allows you to select Salesforce objects, creating data set elements and relationships which connect Salesforce objects from the schema you select during data set creation. You create data set elements and relationships by picking objects from the Parent Relationships and Child Relationships tabs in the data set editor’s Tabs view to create a chain of instructions telling Release which records to deploy and in which order. Deployment starts at the root element and traverses the chain.