Edit a Test Case

To edit an existing test case:

  1. From the Test Cases page, access the edit page by either:
    • Click any Test Case Name.
    • Select the checkbox of the test template to edit and click the Edit (pencil) icon.
  2. Make your adjustments.

Use caution when editing test cases. Test run results in already-completed test runs that include edited test cases are unaffected, but rerunning the test run will include the edited values, likely producing results that differ from previous runs

  1. Refresh the baseline values and save, by clicking Save or clicking Save & New to save the test case and start creating a new case.
    • Test queues the test case for baseline values capture and sets Baseline Status to Queued. When capture is complete, Test sets Baseline Status to Complete and stores the results as baseline values in the test case for future comparison by test runs.

Baseline refresh deletes the old baseline records and inserts new ones. The deleted records in the recycle bin count against the org storage limit, so Prodly recommends emptying the recycle bin periodically if you do a lot of refreshing.