Import a Data Set

To import a data set or deployment plan with data sets from a deployment template file:

  1. From the Admin tab under Import from Template, click Import.
  2. Navigate to the template file on your local computer and load it.

Prodly Release creates:

  • A deployment plan record (when included) and adds it to the Deployment Plans page.
  • A data set element for each deployment object in the template file and adds the data set elements to the Data Sets page.

Release does not create a template record or store the JSON template file in the import org because there is no need to do so. But if you desire, you can create a new deployment template with the data you just imported.

Install Templates

All data set and deployment plan templates that Prodly offers on the success community can also be installed from the Release Tab. Follow these steps to install our templates:

  1. Visit the Release tab
  2. Visit the Settings page (Gear icon on the tool bar on the lefthand side)
  3. Scroll down to Release Templates
  4. Select ‘Install‘ for the template you wish to install
  5. Once finished installing select ‘Open‘ to view the data set/ deployment plan template